I see alot of people doing this kind of articles , so why not try ...


girl image fashion, style, and outfit image girl, style, and woman image aesthetic, bag, and soft image
i like to keep it simple , i'm more like comfy clothes like hoodies and sweaters and i don't like skirts or dresses a lot .


rose gold, pink, and rose image shoes, fashion, and girl image aesthetic, blue, and dark image fashion, shoes, and black image
beige , rose gold , dark blue and black :) ( i'm a Contradictory person )


girl, smile, and bed image celebrity, hair, and eyes image girl image girl, smile, and happy image
i'm a realy shy girl , quiet , lazy and sometimes.. funny

favorites things to do

eat, food, and justeat image art, drawing, and tumblr image food, healthy, and strawberry image harry potter, nutella, and pancakes image
i like drawing , watching movies/shows , sleeping and eating for sure

favorite movies and series

stranger things and netflix image books, thomas, and the scorch trials image 13 reasons why, hannah baker, and katherine langford image lights, room, and tv image aesthetic, dark, and hermione image Inspiring Image on We Heart It harry potter, hermione granger, and ron weasley image mean girls, movie, and amanda seyfried image
i watch a lot of thing but my favorite : are harry potter , stranger things , 13 reasons why , the maze runner , the end of the f world , mean girls,..... and a lot i can't even remember

favorite quotes

friendship, quote, and sad image broken, hurt, and life image quotes, tomorrow, and life image quotes, andy warhol, and text image

my goals

cutie, doctor, and girl image ocean, summer, and sea image city, trees, and dreams image colors, festival, and fun image
I just want to be happy and healthy , and make my mom proud of me , travel a lot , and become a doctor ( wish me luck ) .