I was inspired to write this from a post from https://weheartit.com/nadaninja, and thought I'd have go!


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https://data.whicdn.com/images/304983731/large.jpg I adore nautical style tops, particularly these linen tops that are so trendy right now, but my biggest love is vintage dresses and style, I own so many and they make be feel classy and elegant, without fail.


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I know Wrinkle in Time hasn't come out yet, but it's my favourite book, EVER, so I'm really looking forward to the film. Considering how many books I've read, the fact it's my favourite is saying something (in fact the whole Wrinkle quintet in fabulous, except for Zak in the 5th, but that's another article entry!)


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https://youtu.be/dvg49C6Zf3g The video is from an Aussie show and though it's a bit of fun, rowing is the most important thing in my life, making me more confident, empowered, self-assured, and social; I love it more than anything.


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Farm Girl


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In case you couldn't tell, I'm an Aussie!


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I hope this was a bit of fun, sort of like a moodboard, and though I'm constantly changing my favourite things, and topsy-turvy-ing around, I feel this is fairly true to who I am.