I know - the perfect life doesn´t exist. At least, that`s what we`re told.

First of all I have to tell you something about me, somethig I just recently discovered about me, about my very own character.

I want to be perfect! Yeah, that`s it. I want to be perfect. Even if I don´t seem like an ambitious girl, all I ever wanted was a perfect life.

The perfect grades (or at least grades I can be confident with - I am really lazy when it comes to learning)

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the perfect body

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perfect friends

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perfect family

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a perfect home with my very own little - hm, let`s call it domain

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my dream job

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a perfect realtionship

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Oh, don´t get me wrong. A perfect life, in my opinion, doesn`t mean to have it all or to have no problems at all. No, my perfect life looks like a ordinary life. At least how what I imagine it.

I don´t want a totally problem-and-complication-free life, I just want adventure, friendship, family, love, perople I can share my passion and stories with, I want to see the world, I want to live - that`s my perfect life...