I've struggled with skin issues for what feels like an eternity and now, nearing my 5 year benchmark, I've spent the past few years really looking into skin and and reading up about reasons for it breaking out. this unleashed a passion within me for skincare and well-being i didn't know i had. I'm aware that many other people also struggle with issues regarding skin so i thought id share a few tips and what I've accumulated from my hours lost researching and watching youtube videos.

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1- It's okay.

as cheesy and repetitive as it is, you need to hear it. ITS OKAY TO HAVE ACNE. ITS OKAY TO BREAKOUT. i know what it feels like to be the only kid in class with horrible skin, i know what its like to strategically place your hand over your fresh breakout when someone talks to you but I've come to terms with the fact that no one is looking at the 10th planet that decided to show up to the solar system on your forehead, tbh you're probably looking at it worse than it truly is.

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2- understand your issue.

before i move on to the more physical things, i want to address inner health being a main cause for acne. many people eat alot of foods they are unaware they are sensitive or allergic to. other people have an outnumbered amount of bad bacteria in their stomach that kills off the good bacteria. your gut health is so important and what people fail to realise is that your acne is just a symptom of something much greater from within (unless its just poor hygiene). i suggest you look at multiple face maps and map out where your acne is located and which part of your body it corresponds with, then go get tested to see if you are sensitive or allergic to foods and stay away from them and if you find that you have digestion issues due to bacteria, take probiotics whether in capsulated form or through food. another thing i wanted to mention is that 'oily' skin is actually very very dehydrated skin. just think about this for a second: your skin is 'oily',you go and get a cleanser that is harsh and strips your skin from all the oil, your skin wants to balance out and in turn produces extra oil and the process goes back and forth. i cant stress this enough that your skin needs moisture!!!!! finally, your mental health can also be a cause for acne.

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3- go natural.

i highly highly recommend products from the body shop. they use all natural ingredients and are against animal testing and aren't full of chemicals that will rather make your skin worse. keep your skincare simple. don't overdo it with products or else it will build up and clog your pores. if you want to go natural i would say to use aleppo soap, african black soap or even try oil cleansing. for toners use witch hazel (beware its vv drying but is fine if you moisturise thoroughly),rose water (my saviour) or diluted apple cider vinegar. for moisturiser you can just go crazy with the rose water or use aloe vera (even better if from direct plant) or my homegurl, the body shop vitamin e moisturiser. for serums use rosehip oil and vitamin c oil; these two will fade your scars and discolouration for all my ethnic sisters out there, and finally tea tree oil but only on spots or else it will dry out your skin.

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4- diet.

DRINK YOUR WATERRR!!!!!!!!!! i have been adding ginger to my obnoxiously large 2.2 L bottle for the past week and have seen such a massive change in the dullness of my skin. try this it will change your life. also if you can stay away from the foods you are sensitive to, you will see amazing results.

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5- beauty sleep.

make sure you're frequently changing your pillow case so your oil doesn't build up over night. also make sure you actually sleep at night although i'm being a hypocrite trying to preach this. rip no sleep gang.

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6- face masks.

i mean why wouldn't you want to feel all boujee once a week amirite ladies?

here are a few masks you can try at home:

*aloe vera
you can literally lather your skin and youre good

1 tsp tumeric
1 tbsp greek yogurt
1 tbsp honey
this helps fade scars, reduce breakouts and makes your skin feel so smooth and hydrated.

rip if you made it this was longggggggggggggggg as hell but i hope i help someone out there.