A few days ago I decided to do this challenge but due to some reasons I didn’t have the time to start it, that’s why I will start posting the first 5 days of the month in one go.

I picked up some of the questions I liked from some different challenges in order to make it as entertaining and interesting as possible, apart from writing about things I’d like to think and express, as I know that I wouldn’t think about many of these things unless I write them up.

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With all of this, this is the final list of the things I’ll write about:

• Day 1. "Explain the meaning of your name."
• Day 2. "Write five facts about yourself."
• Day 3. “Five ways to win my heart.”
• Day 4. "Write about three things you like about you."
• Day 5. "Make a list of five things that make you happy."
• Day 6. “Ten songs I’m loving right now.”
• Day 7. "Write about two memories.”
• Day 8. “Something I struggle with.”
• Day 9. “My first love.”
• Day 10. "Write about something you are excited about."
• Day 11. “A lesson I’ve learned the hard way.”
• Day12. “An area in my life I’d like to improve.”
• Day 13. "Make a list of your three favourite books."
• Day 14. “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?”
• Day 15. "What would you do if you win the lottery?"
• Day 16. "Make a list of five things to be grateful."
• Day 17. “Describe your personality in many words.”
• Day 18. “Write about someone that inspires you.”
• Day 19. "Write about happiness."
• Day 20. "Write a summer bucket list."
• Day 21. "Write about your passion(s)."
• Day 22. "Write about a dream you had."
• Day 23. “Write about 5 places you want to visit.”
• Day 24. “Write a letter to younger self.”
• Day 25. "Write about a place in which you felt happy."
• Day 26. “What is the thing you most wish you were great at?”
• Day 27. "Write about a first time.
• Day 28. “Post about celebrity crushes.”
• Day 29. “Make a list of you favorite food/drinks.”
• Day 30. “Write about a summer that you’ll never forget.”
• Day 31. “Write about something you want to achieve in 2018.”

I’ll be starting now so, I hope you enjoy reading me and keep up with it as much as you can, or want :)