Hi guys, I'm going to be doing a day to day challenge that is around positivity.
I'm only new at this, so here is my first one.
If you follow my Tumblr that is in my bio, the first one is already there.

"Today, I will begin changes that will influence the shape of my life for years to come"

Today, I will...

The past is the past and this day is new, so a fresh opportunity for change presents itself to me now. Today, I will listen to the heartfelt voice in me saying, "Notice and appreciate the goodness in people. Live from the goodness within yourself."

When we live more fully in the present, we awaken the mind to the little miracles of life. Today, I will live each moment as if it were a unique masterpiece as fascinating as a great work of art. By keeping my attention on "now," I will get to smell, touch, hear, see, and taste the daily miracles I fail to notice when I am lost in the past or preoccupied with plans for the future.

"I will use positive thoughts to create more happiness and success in my life."