sometimes you just wanted to lock yourself in your room and turn on sad music and cry .

1. Hold Me - Eric Nam

alone, boy, and drama image
" I know it's a bit late but don't let me go. " - Eric Nam

2. Hug Me - Jung Joon Il

Korean Drama, fight my way, and quotes image
" Just hug me, please hug me . Don’t say anything and just run to me. " - Jung Joon II

3. Listen To This Song - Kassy

quotes, kdrama, and korean image
" You did such a good job. Get a good night's sleep tonight. I will be with you. " - Kassy

4. Letting Go - Day6

Dream, grunge, and aesthetic image
" Because I know that holding onto you isn’t what’s best for you. " - Day6

5. Flower Way - Sejeong, Zico

Korean Drama, quotes, and subs image
" The world is cold. Colder than when I lived in you. " - Sejeong, Zico

6. All of A Sudden - Krystal

drama image
" I won't cry out loud but I can smile like I've always been doing. " - Krystal

7. You Can Cry - Jo Bok Rae

asian, caps, and nam ji-hyun image
" You can cry louder. You can cry all you want for yourself. " - Jo Bok Rae

8. If It Is You - Jung Seung Hwan

kdrama, goblin, and quotes image
" Do you know how I’m doing these days? I can’t even fall asleep. I can’t even swallow anything. " - Jung Seung Hwan

9. Longing - Hur Youngji

joy, Korean Drama, and quotes image
" When I went back home, it felt like you'll waiting for me. " - Youngji

10. U R - Taeyeon

cry, sad, and kdrama image
"The stories I couldn’t say, all of the secrets I couldn’t do, I want to deliver it today. " - Taeyeon

Go ahead and cry .