To include my love for TV shows and movies into my articles I decided to make a "If you like this Book/Show, you'll like this "Show/Book". Because sometimes I just want to watch something similar to what I just read and I am surely not the only one.

If you like The Raven Cycle ~ Maggie Stiefvater...

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Because of the fact that I literally don't seem to be able to shut up about this book, you should already know about it. If not I write about it in every other article so just check it out'll like Skam

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Skam is a norwegian drama serie that revolves around the lives of different teenagers. It talks about feminism, eating disorders, homophobia, racism, religions and way more with the underlining message to be kind to others and to yourself.
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What these two have in common is their portrayal of wonderful friendships and the aesthetically pleasing way the story is told.

If you like Jessica Jones...

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Jessica Jones is a private detective which pretty much means making pictures of unfaithful partners, finding missing people and trying to kill a man, who can manipulate the thoughts of others, all while dealing with her own personal traumas.'ll like Graceling ~ Kristin Cashore

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In this world there are some people born with a special ability like being able to cook a good meal out of anything, being good at juggling or reading minds. Katsa is good at killing.
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Both of those stories revolve around a young woman who can easily stand her ground in a fight with almost everyone, for Jessica being super strong and Katsa having the "Grace" for killing. Both try to live with their past traumas and see themselves as monsters but try to do good in their worlds.

If you like The Legend of Korra...

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After Aangs death the next Avatar was born: Korra. She is wild, headstrong, stubborn and loves to be the Avatar. She is confronted with a lot of political questions, gets manipulated and has to make hard decisions that not everyone agrees with and learn that being the Avatar means more than just mastering the elements.'ll like A darker Shade of Magic ~ V. e. Schwab

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There are four different Londons, that live separately from one another. One has no magic, one has too much, one not nearly enough and one shines because all of it's glorious magic. Only an Antari can go between those worlds.
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The reason why I compare those two is the fact that they both have a magic system that revolves around the four elements (although a darker Shade of Magic has a fifth element) The world building and characters are wonderful in both of them and now that I think about it: The Avatar and an Antari have a lot in common.

If you like Prison Break...

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Michael Scolfield tries to get his brother out of prison by getting arrested as well.

... you'll like Six of Crows ~ Leigh Bardugo

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A bunch of criminals and outcasts are the best people to get someone out of prison and back to you as long as you pay them enough
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How do you get someone out of a prison? Well apparently by getting arrested yourself. Micheal and Kaz both are geniuses when it comes to tricking others, forming a plan and getting what they want. But neither in Prison Break nor in Six of Crows is it possible to do something that big alone.

If you like Lost ... (the first few seasons, haven't watched the rest)

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A plane crashes and its survivors find themselves in the middle of the ocean on an deserted island.'ll like The lord of the flies ~ William Golding

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After their plane crashes these boys find themselves alone on this island. None of the adults survived the crash, none of the teachers and not even the pilot. They are alone.
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What happens when you put people on an island, alone, without anyone to help them, no authorities, no way of getting help. How does it change them, what will happen? Does the age really make a difference?

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