High school is not only a rollercoaster because of friendships and relationships in general. Many people have to go through very hard things, such as identifying their sexual orientation, mental disabilities and so on. I mean questioning if your bi, gay or straight is tricky in general but having people spread rumors about you in school when you're not ready yet makes it even harder. I have not only been bullied because of my looks but also because I have ADHD and Dyscalculia. People would call me stupid and hyperactive. Which also broke my heart, because it's honestly not my fault. And I am not stupid, I think many think this because I have my weaknesses but doesn't everyone have a subject that they can’t do as well as in as others. It's not necessarily a bad thing. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, but making fun of one’s weaknesses is not nice, especially because you never know how sensitive a person reacts to negative comments. Some might take it with humor, some might not be offended, but many will even if they do not show it they will be heartbroken. I know that I was always really sad but it also motivated me to become who I am now. Elizabeth Bethany Cobham.