1. Tea or Coffee?

cozy aesthetic

2. Black and White or Color?

Superthumb art

3. Drawings or Paintings?

art art

4. Dresses or Skirts?

dress dress

5. Books or movies?

A Walk to Remember couple

6. Pepsi or Coke?

coke bottle

7. Chinese or Italian?

food food

8. Early Bird or Night Owl?

christmas christmas

9. Chocolate or Vanilla?

food Superthumb

10. Introvert or Extrovert?

cafe beauty

11. Hugs or Kisses?

couple bride

12. Hunting or Fishing?

animal fish

13. Winter or Summer?

baby beach

14. Spring or Fall?

flowers colors

15. Rural or Urban?

Superthumb Superthumb

16. PC or MAC?

girl book

17. Tan or Pale?

aesthetic Superthumb

18. Cake or Pie?

cake cake

19. Ice Cream or Yogurt?

Superthumb chocolate

20. Ketchup or Mustard?

Superthumb delicious

21. Sweet Pickles or Dill Pickles?

Superthumb funny

22. Comedy or Mystery?

bed Superthumb

23. Boots or Sandals?

black fashion

24. Silver or Gold?

clock background

25. Pop or Rock?

beauty red

26. Dancing or Singing?

boy baby

27. Checkers or Chess?

aesthetic beautiful

28. Board Games or Video Games?

Superthumb Superthumb

29. Wine or Beer?

drink drink

30. Freckles or Dimples?

baby baby

31. Honey Mustard or BBQ sauce?

food Superthumb

32. Body Weight Exercises or Lifting Weight Exercises?

abs abs

33. Baseball or Basketball?

adidas ball

34. Crossword Puzzles or Sudokus?

beauty Superthumb

35. Facial Hair or Clean Shave?

boy black and white

36. Crushed Ice or Cubed Ice?

Superthumb flowers

37. Skiing or Snowboarding?

Superthumb ski

38. Smile or Game Face?

beauty beauty

39. Bracelet or Necklace?

accessories Superthumb

40. Fruit or Vegetables?

food food

41. Sausage or Bacon?

Superthumb delicious

42. Scrambled or fried?

Superthumb Superthumb

43. Dark Chocolate or White Chocolate?

Superthumb chocolate

44. Tattoos or Piercings?

earrings fashion

45. Antique or Brand New?

chanel bag

46. Dress Up or Dress Down?

eleanor calder Superthumb

47. Cowboys or Aliens?

boy boots

48. Cats or Dogs?

animals animal

49. Pancakes or Waffles?

book blueberry

50. Long Hair or Short Hair?

girl beautiful