my first article on gay movies did pretty well so i thought i'd share some more i've watched since making my previous one. my tip for finding these movies: google "(title of movie) full movie online" and find a link that eventually works lol. a tedious process but it's worth it in the end. anyways, here's some really cute gay movies for your feels (:

1. Call Me By Your Name

call me by your name, armie hammer, and timothee chalamet image
this one is in english but i'm sure most of you knew this already because of how popular this movie has become. i am absolutely in love with this movie and i just read somewhere there's going to be a sequel and if you think i squealed, you're correct.

2. Free Fall

dutch, free fall, and gay image
-german/dutch- a romance that kept me wanting more and more and more. this one got me WAY in my feels.

3. Out in the Dark

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-israeli- this one's got the romance PLUS the drama so if you're into somewhat of an emotional roller coaster, then i highly suggest this one.

4. God's Own Country

gay, gay movie, and gay boys image
-english- the two main character's personalities are what stood out to me and i love the two of them as a pairing. really really cute.

5. Geography Club

boys, lgbtq, and gay image
-english- just a good cheesy movie that was still able to get me into my feels. plus the boys are cute so A++++++++.

6. Beach Rats

gay, gay movie, and lgbtq image
-english- this one's completely different than the others listed. i think that's why i liked it but it may not be what you're looking for if you want a cute romantic gay movie. it's actually not romantic at all but the story behind it was really good. so if you want something different, then this one's for you.

mmk, i only have six for now. if you watch any of them, i hope you enjoy them as much as i did. ALSO i'm super excited for Love, Simon to come out. i love nick robinson and AH IT LOOKS SUPER CUTE HOLY SHIT.