some of these are from my youth, and some of them are current.
tom felton
probably best known for being a jerk to harry potter (he's draco malfoy) but he's also very handsome.
tom felton, rupert grint, and harry potter image
me too, rupert. me too.
benedict cumberbatch
he's sherlock freaking holmes! first of all, an insanely talented actor, second of all, handsome as hell. ;)
handsome, dr strange, and sherlock image
this picture is amazing, but I don't know if i like the beard...
ross lynch
ok, this one is from my youth. I used to watch disney channel, and I thought he was hot. well, because he is.
r5 and ross lynch image
oh my god, I love(d) him sooo much.
young leonardo decaprio
he was/is very talented, acting in a lot of popular films. seriously, its cliche for a reason, he's hot.
90s, leonardo dicaprio, and young image
brad pitt is hot too, but not enough to make the list.
young judd nelson
the breakfast club, anyone? when I first watched that movie I was thinking,"mother of god, he's so hot." but, we are strictly talking young judd nelson, ok? ok.
1980s, 80s, and actor image
is it just me that thinks he's hot? yeah? ok.
harry styles
ever since I was a kid, and listened to 1D (one direction) religously, I've had a crush on harry styles. and, well, he's only gotten hotter throughout the years.
Harry Styles, one direction, and harry image
look at this cutie.
tom hiddleston
when me and my friend saw thor, she was gushing over chris hemsworth (who, is hot, I know) and was shocked I liked loki (tom hiddleston). ever since I saw that movie, I've thought him handsome.
tom hiddleston and benedict cumberbatch image
young johnny depp
first of all, HOLY JAWLINE, BATMAN. he is so pretty, I could die. I love his name, and his acting skills are impeccable.
boy, 90s, and yellow image
how... he is a masterpiece.
cole sprouse
this is kinda from my youth... I mean I had a crush on him when he was on the suite life, and I like him now on riverdale. truly, I love his sense of humor, and his retro vibe. like, he's handsome, AND loves photgraphy??? Is he even real?
riverdale, cole sprouse, and kj apa image
I like KJ, but he just doesn't quite make the list.