I never thought with my heart for as long as I lived. I thrived and fed off on people's judgment and my parent's criticism to become the person I was before. Entirely, I wasn't independent on what I thought about, I couldn't think for myself. I couldn't be myself, thus I wasn't the person I wanted or aspired to be.
I grew on to hating myself, and the more I started to hate on myself, the more my heart changed the way I accommodated myself. A girl, with high self-esteem issues and trust issues. Nevertheless, I was brainwashed, I was a dead man walking, figuratively I wasn't living "the dream."

Then I realized I wasn't thinking with my heart, truly.

I wrote a letter to myself, and I hope you can think with your heart too:
Dear Self,
It's been long overdue dearie, but I think we both know the damage inflicted on us wasn't truly our faults, really we didn't know how to be independent minded. I guess it was the right time for us to detach from those thoughts for awhile, even though they'll pop back once in a while, it'll fade away, just like our past self. I hated the way I dragged us both into self-hate and issues, but now look at us. We both thrive in great bonded friendships and we don't hate ourselves as much as we did in the past. I'm glad I had people tell me to follow my heart, as corny as it is, it was the cure to save us, and it was a good dose of reality.
Love, Myself, the new version

I hope all of you guys don't have to go through the same issues I went through, despite the fact I've been through thick and thin with many different tough situations no one wants to go through as opposed to other people and minor situations, but it's never too late to shed your old skin. If there are actual losers out there bullying you, be the bigger person and walk away. Easier said than done, being a coward and owning it will not ruin your self-esteem, and I'm sure of it. Have a wonderful morning, afternoon, evening, or night! Don't place yourself on a pedestal, you have more life to waste on :) Thank you for reading!

❝you're never too late to do anything, you're never too young or old to turn life up a notch. take what you need, and live the way you want to live.❞ — yours truly