When will I stop thinking of you? When will these feelings perish? When will our memories fade and turn into faint scars? It's been two long months and my feelings for you somehow got stronger. I broke it off. I hurt you. I know. But you took it better than I did. You went out and found someone else. Your friends tell me it was meaningless and you don't even remember her. But little do you know I cant move on without feeling like I'm cheating on you. How sick is that? I thought you would be the one hurting the most but the tables have turned and I'm slowing breaking. Sometimes I wonder if your sweet words were lies covered in honey. How could you forget me so quickly? When you told me you loved me was that just a lie? They say if someone really loves you they will fight for you and come back. I can't say I love you because I don't know what love is but I tried to get you back and I gave it my all. I sit here and think about how ungrateful I was. I didn't appreciate the time we had together and most of all, I didn't appreciate you. You really don't know what you have until its gone. However, those harsh word you used to describe me after things ended, were those your true colors? I think of you from two months ago and look at you today. Oh, how you've changed. Even with everything you have done since we went from a "we" to a "you" and "me," I can't seem to let go of you. Every little thing reminds me of you and it hurts, it really does. But I guess my question is, when will I stop thinking of you?