what house do you belong to?

Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb black
slytherin. home of the cunning and ambitious.

what is your patronus?

animal animal Superthumb Superthumb
bay stallion.

favorite female character?

Superthumb Superthumb book hermione granger
hermione jean granger.

favorite male character?

chocolate Superthumb harry potter Superthumb
remus lupin.

least favorite female character?

harry potter, bellatrix, and bellatrix lestrange image
bellatrix lestrange.

least favorite male character?

harry potter and peter pettigrew image
peter pettigrew.

parts that made you cry?

harry potter alan rickman
remus lupin, tonks, and severus snape's death.

which deathly hallows would you use?

daniel radcliffe, death, and emma watson image
the cloak of invisibility.

favorite subject?

blue aesthetic chocolate astronomy
either potions or defense against the dark arts.

favorite spell?


your position in quidditch?

harry potter harry potter

favorite book/movie?

book Superthumb
the half blood prince has always been my absolute favorie.