With the tears in my eyes I am sharing some phrases that comes out of the movie "Me Before You".


1-"There are loves that can only live in your heart, not in your life."

2-"Only live well, live, I will be by your side at every step."

3-"You know?, we can only help someone who wants to be helped."

4-"For the first time in life try not to think about the future, try to exist without more".

5- "You've done what everyone does, you've decided for me."

6- "I needed to tell him, in silence, that things change, grow or wither, but that life goes on.

7- "Do not remember too much about me, I do not want to think that you're going to get sensitive, live well".

8- "You are very beautiful and you are the only thing that makes me get up in the morning."

9- "She taught him to love and he taught her to live".

10-" Who are the others to decide how our lives should be?"

11- "I just needed a little time to be away from everything, I just wanted time to be someone else."

12- "I just want to be a man who went to a concert with a girl dressed in red."

me before you, movie, and emilia clarke image
me before you, movie, and book image

If you have not seen the movie yet, I recommend it totally. The only warning is that you will probably cry and if you are sencible like me you may be crying for the movie until a long time after you finish watching it. Leave beautiful morals or teachings.

att. 14 years old =}