Get rid of a limiting belief that you have about yourself or others.


Image by •laur• Image by •laur•

I always find myself helping other soo much. As much as I love and find joy in helping others and staying busy, I need time to myself. Whenever I am by myself and not directly helping other I feel like I am alone and nobody is really friends with me or cares. Although this is not true, at all. This sensation, or lie I am feeding myself needs to be let go of for me to ever truly be happy and balanced.


Image by •laur• Image by •laur•

I tend to believe that others- whether it be my friends or strangers- are trapped; trapped in their lives or stuck in their minds. This is, of course, helpful sometimes but very judgmental and disrespectful. I feel ashamed and guilty whenever I think these things. I need to try my hardest to change this and stop judging people by my preset ideas about humanity.

until next time, laur <3