Hi! I'm Talia, this is my first article other than my poem. This time I want to share with you about self confidence.

Mostly, I want to talk to those who struggle to have self confidence. It’s important to know that it’s ok, and you are not alone in this struggle. I’ve been learning to love myself. It is a struggle. I know it's not easy. It takes time to love yourself, your body, and looks, etc.

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Self Confidence is the most important thing that you need in your life because without it, it is impossible to achieve the level of happiness and success that you are looking for. Low self confidence is also often the cause of most family breakups, poor parenting and relationship problems.

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6 benefits of self confidence

  • Greater self worth
  • More happiness and enjoyment
  • Freedom from self doubt
  • Greater strength and capabilities
  • More peace of mind and less stress
  • Better sleep & health
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Don’t pressure yourself with "self confidence". Remember learning to love who you are takes time. Just have faith in yourself. Don't give up!

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Don’t forget that you are loved everyday. You are so beautiful. Everyone is beautiful in different ways. Nobody is perfect. But everyone is unique! You are one of a kind!

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just be yourself!