Hi anyone who's reading this! I've realized that i started writing a lot of articles and being a lot more active and have over 900 followers, but you all don't know anything about me!! So I've decided to do the abc tag! I don't know who started this, but I am taking inspiration from @yoitsmia :) I hope you all enjoy this and learn a little something more about me :))


a - age
fifteen (2002)

b- best movie
anything marvel or narnia lol

c- current time
8:53pm (i have school tomorrow grrrr)

d- drink you last had

e- everyday starts with
a cup of coffee, but sometimes i get sick of coffee and try to be healthy so i drink tea haha

f- favorite song
roses by shawn mendes

Superthumb rose

g- grossest memory
when my first grade teacher stuck a cockroach in my face... yeah that sucked

h- height
5'3 (i really hope i grow more lol)

i- in love with
writing, helping people, social media, shawn mendes, reading, tea, animals :))

j- jealous
oof too many times

k- killed someone?
only in fortnite ;) (i doubt any of you play fortnite but if you do this will make sense haha! no i'm not a killer fortnite is a game lol)

l- last time you cried
probably like a day ago not gonna lie

m- middle name
oof it's super embarrassing so i'm not gonna say it

n- number of siblings
1 (a younger brother)

o- one wish
for me and everyone i love to be happy :)

Superthumb choose

p- person you last called / texted
my good friend caralina :)

q- question you're always asked
"why are you so annoying?"

r- reasons to smile
waking up and seeing the people i love, knowing i am blessed with the life i have, going on whi and seeing all of these positive articles and posts that help me go on with my day :)

s- song you last sang
love lies

t- time you woke up

u- underwear color

v- vacation places
my usual spot is mexico, but i have also been to canada, portugal, and scotland!

w- worst habit
not knowing when to shut up, over thinking, getting anxiety over everything, biting my lip too often (i know everyone has bad habits and i will try everyday to fix mine and make myself a better person) :)

x- x-rays you've had
i had one on my arm when i fell because i thought i felt a rat and ran (it was really my dog)

y- your favorite food
oof so many, but i love lettuce (i know i'm weird haha)

z- zodiac sign
leo!! (august 6th)

thank you for reading this very long and probably boring article! i hope you learned a lot more about me :) always remember my message box is always open!!
- jordan xoxo