You broke me. You sought out my heart just to play with it and willingly crushed me. You come after all this time and beg like you'll change. You think time changes what you did. You assume you still have the power to bend my will. I've promised myself that no one will touch me the way you did. No one will make me feel the way you did. No one will make me feel worthless and trapped the way you did. I gave you that power. I gave myself to you. I poured myself into you. All it did was make you thirsty for more. Because the more I loved you, the better you felt about yourself. You made me dread waking up because being with you was just another nightmare I couldn't escape. Now you're here. Begging because you think I'll fall for you looking weak without me. I cared for you. I gave you endless love and all you did was give it to her. All you did was tell me how I wasn't good enough. Now that I'm happy, now that I've put myself back together, now that I've made myself the person I couldn't be with you, you're here begging so that you can feel the love that weak girl gave you a long time ago. You're here to collect the love no other girl can give you. I am no longer in love with you. I am no longer afraid of you. My heart no longer aches at the sight of you. You broke me past my breaking point. Now I am ten times stronger. I no longer long for your "love." I am no longer broken.