Hi guys, it's Belle, and today I'm doing my 2018 Bucket List! I hope you enjoy!

1. Travel to a New Place

adventure, nature, and travel image summer, hailey baldwin, and beauty image

2. Read 90 Books

book and article image girl, book, and coffee image

3. Find a New Hobby

art, blue, and grunge image Image removed

4. Workout

fitness, sport, and fit image fashion, fitness, and sport image

5. Eat Healthy

food and breakfast image fruit, food, and healthy image

6. Post More Articles

girl, work, and polishgirl image study, desk, and studyblr image

7. Get Good Grades

white, computer, and work image study, notes, and aesthetic image

8. Be the Most Happy as I Can

thalia bree, smile, and thalia image Harry Styles, one direction, and harry image

9. Go to the Taylor Swift Concert

Taylor Swift, cat, and taylor image Swift and taylor image

10. Be the Best I Can Be

Image removed Image removed

That's it! Hope you enjoyed!

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B e l l e
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Credits to the people who made and posted these pictures. I am not taking credit for them.