She held his hand and asked him what was wrong. With a smile playing on his lips he said that everything was fine. They both had pretty things. For the rest of the night they held each other's hands softly.

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The street was lined with crowds of people. Cars were beeping and making the loudest noise they could with smoke coming out of them. The girl sneaked in the crowd and in-between the cars to get by quicker. She was looking at the ground beneath her the whole time.

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The trees sway and the wind blows. The van contained her few belongings, mainly her cameras, a couple bags of clothes, and packets of snacks that she got from her multiple trips into small shops.

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She walked amongst the tall brown shelves, her hands trailed along the book's spines. Her fingers delicately flipped through the pages her eyes scanning them to see if she liked the words that she caught.

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