Hey everyone, my name is Aniuska and today i gone to make a Top Six about youtubers that inspire me. First it all is a variety topics here but i think the most important is the message that every single one transmitted. So left beginning!

1.- Hey Claire

Claire Marshall, is it a amazing story teller, and her editing skill yet better. I love that way she talk in her videos about his thoughts, fear, wishes and more. I always feel inspire after watch her videos.

2.-Tanya Shatseva

I find to Tanya recently, but the first time a see her videos, i was like "who is this girl?", she is an paint artist that show her love by the occultism. Tanya had a pet so cute, a rat. Her videos editing are amazing too. She had an incredible painting talend.

3.-Lena Danya

Danya is other paint artist that i watch every time that i can, Her painting are about realistic technic and her time lapse videos show her talent by complete.

4.-Matt Steffanina

Matt is one the all my favorites dancer, The way that his channel grown up is really impress. And the dance tutorials that him makes, love iiiiiitttt. Even when my style is Flamenco, i try to learn him chorerapy.

5.-Jessica Kobeissi

Jess is an amazing photographer and teach her technics and make challenge. She love show to others that is possible be an professional photographer and how.

Ok, i finished the top!... If it you like left a heart and send a postcard with a comment. ♥