Hi guys! Since you seemed to like my previous makeup article, I decided to do another one! Just keep in mind that I'm not a professional MUA, only a teenager with an obsession with makeup. I have no real knowledge of it if you don't count endless hours spent in front of my laptop watching Jeffree Star and Nicol Concilio videos... Anyways, here's the article I hope you'll enjoy it!

Friendly reminder: every product mentioned in this article is cruelty-free!

- FENTY BEAUTY - Match Stix Trio

Its formula is so soft and gentle for your skin. It is also very very easy to blend and to play around with, it can easily be wiped out if you want to start again.

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- MORPHE - 35B Palette

I mean... Look at those colors! They are pigmented, easy to blend and the colors are just stunning, you can create tons of looks with this palette! (Their brushes are also amazingly good to work with!)

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- ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS - Moonchild Highlighter Palette

One word: PIGMENT. With the right brush, this highlighter palette is slaying my life! I highly recommend it, colors look incredible. ABH makes some really great highlighters.

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- TOO FACED - Better Than Sex Mascara (Waterproof)

I've never had a mascara that made my lashes look so long. Love it!

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- SMASHBOX - Cover Shot Eye Palette (in Ablaze)

Truly one of my all-time favorites! I love the pigment and how easy it is to blend them! Even the metallic shades are pigmented so that's a must!

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I have never been a fan of eyebrow product because since I'm blond, I thought it made me look weird to have darker eyebrow. But this product is so good, the finish look seems natural and it's very easy to use!

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- COLOURPOP - All of their lipsticks

You're probably tired of me repeating but... PIGMENT. They also last pretty long and the shades are so pretty! (it's pretty cheap too)

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- KAT VON D - Shade + Light Contour Palette

Idk what to say about this one... I just really like it!

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Hope y'all liked my article, see you soon!

Love, Sarah x

Sarah Pan
Sarah Pan