First things first, don't get me wrong. I loved Riverdale in season one, I loved Archie comics, I loved the characters, I loved everything in S1. Even though that there was a lot of things that were a little bit creepy, today I watched all the aviable episodes of S2 and...I'm so upset. So let's start with this type of review of Riverdale season 2. And yes, there's spoilers if you haven't watched the show.

For the start, it seems like a good plot in this season. We got a thief in Pop's that shot Fred Andrews, Archie helping him, Betty talking with his mother about Jughead taking of her virginity and natural things with 16-17 years old kids, you know. Then Veronica being rude as fuck with her mother and drinkinng alcohol at the morning. But yas, Fred Andrews was shoted. Then come this guy, the killer, who calls himself ''The Black Hood'' (what kind of cringy scream is this?). Well, that guy kills Grundy (nobody cares) and then do a lot of...murders things.

That plot is not bad at all, but when you realize who is The Black Hood...what? I don't care about teenage dramas, that bughead or tughead thing (I don't even like bughead, don't kick me up). Varchie it's not even a good relationship it's all about sex and I'm upset. They are putting drama, drama...and you know what else? DRAMA. And that guy, Chic (Betty's brother) it's so creepy, ugh. Oh, I forget but now Betty is doing porn. You know, cuz that's totally normal for a teenager, that's the example to the childrens and teengers that are watching the show.

Well, I don't know what else. Maybe this is the cringest S2 ever, eVER. Sometimes I just closed my eyes cuz I wanted to watch it but it was very very very cringe.

And about the trailer and Veronica kissing Jughead, I'm sitting here thinking if Archie kissed Betty and Veronica, and Veronica kissed Betty, Archie and Jughead, and Betty kissed Veronica, Archie and Jughead, and Jughead kissed Veronica and Betty...Where the hell is my Jarchie kiss? (jk). If you will mess up everything, mess it up alright!

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