ღ Personality

aesthetic, indie, and grunge image quote, sadness, and alone image دُعَاءْ, ٌخوَاطِرَ, and منوعه image quotes image we heart it, photography inspiration, and love relationship image Image by Live, Laugh, Believe allah, dz, and bg image poet, poetry, and quiet image
A piece of my personality.

۞ Appearance/Style

niqab image cat, cats, and clothes image accessoiries, arabic, and pudeur image black, hijab, and mosque image hijab, muslim, and abaya image Image removed hijab, summer, and muslimgirl image hijab, islam, and muslim image
Yup. I always wear black.

☽ Favorite Animal

cat, hijab, and muslim image cream, kitty, and catcat image cat, kitten, and animal image cat, animal, and tiger image
I mean who doesn't like cats? (y)

◎ Music

allah, ipod, and photo image
Music is haram. Did you really expect me to listen to it? (-;

❅ Movies

Image by Live, Laugh, Believe bollywood, love, and bajrangi bhaijaan image bollywood, hindi, and saree image me before you, emilia clarke, and movie image bollywood, pretty, and aishwarya rai image bollywood, deepika padukone, and beautiful image bollywood, aishwarya rai, and sarbjit image movie, eddie redmayne, and Felicity Jones image
As you probably have figured out, i absolutely love bollywood movies.

✲ Dream destinations

landscape, ocean, and paradise image palestine image Image by 𝑎𝑑𝑣𝑒𝑛𝑡𝑢𝑟𝑒 💫 cushion image mecca, islam, and car image adventure, africa, and animals image islam, allah, and mecca image mecca image islam, beach, and pray image camel, travel, and vacation image
Ughhhh, can i just be there soon?

♢ Favorite quotes

arab, emirates, and fashion image allah, god, and islam image Image by Live, Laugh, Believe Image by Live, Laugh, Believe quote and sin image quotes, forgive, and forgiveness image allah, faith, and quotes image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
I feel these quotes deep in my soul.

✥ Goals and Dreams

Image by إكرام allah, baba, and dad image amour, couple, and cute image beauty, family, and islamic image family, muslim, and islam image couple image arabic, islam, and islamic image
In Sha Allah! ♡

That's all for now! Thanks for reading and i do hope you enjoyed! ♡ As-salam wa'alaikum.
Peace be upon you.