Hey, people. I just come here to make a tag cuz I like to post here things that I thought I would do if I have a youtube channel or a blog. That's kinda weird, I know. But here I am! Making the 10 songs tag. I'M SO EXCITED. (and yes I cut it up bc I'm lazy).

1. Favorite song

It's not easy to choose a favorite song, but I'll say the song that, lately, I been hearing the most: Perfect Places by Lorde.

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2. A song that makes you sad

Probably We are... by Noah Cyrus and MØ. This song it's not really sad like you blow down into tears, but the lyrics are true af and that's make me sad. Maybe it's 'cause we are young, we are fucked.

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3. A song that makes you happy

No doubt, it is Wild Things by Alessia Cara. Everytime I hear it it's like I'm ready to dance like a fool and cringy girl.

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4. A song that you knows the lyric perfectly

EVERY. SONG. THAT. I LIKE. But Im going to say Rose-colored boy by Paramore cuz I wanna put this on the tag.

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5. A songs that helps you to sleep.

Between the bars by Elliott Smith. I don't have to think it twice.

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6. A song that you can relate to it.

Well, there's a lot of songs that I can relate. But I'll say Liability by Lorde. I'm always feeling that way. You know, make you wild, make you leave.

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7. A song from your favorite album.

Holding onto you by twenty one pilots.

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8. A song you can play with an instrument

Twinkle twinkle little star, lol. I'm learning to play the guitar, alright?

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9. One song you'll like to be played on your wedding.

Perfect by Ed Sheeran. It's so precious.

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10. A song that nobody would expect you to like it.

Vuela, vuela by Magneto, lmao.

(No photo cuz the only thing that I found when I write magneto on whi it's Cherik).