To many of us, the most difficult thing to do is get out of bed and even more so if it is in the early hours of the morning. However, being able to start our day early brings benefits for our mental and physical health.
Here I will give five relevant advantages of getting up early

1. We can enjoy a more complete breakfast:

It allows us to enjoy a complete and relaxed breakfast, which will allow us to have our energy, regulate blood glucose levels and allow us to have a better memory.

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2. We can solve more easily the different situations of the day

It is demonstrated that having this time favors that we do not start working with the inertia of sleep, improving qualities such as memory, reaction time, mathematical skills and attention and alertness. There are scientific studies that show that the early risers are better at anticipating problems and solving them.

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3. We will be happier

Yes, if you are one of those people who prefer to take advantage of the day to do the same with the night, you are in luck, because science says that you are more prone to happiness and emotional stability.

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4. Increase our productivity

Logically, if we have more time awake, we can do more things. We will have more motivation, our body will have rested enough to activate all the rest energy.
Jogging, jumping rope, doing weights or some crunches are a good idea to awaken our body and mind completely

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5. We will have time to do some short exercise routine:

In addition to going to work with a great load of endorphins released during exercise, if we play sports in the morning we will also burn more fat, carbohydrates and other things that our body does not need and will stop accumulating unnecessarily

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Come on! I know that we can give our days a new and better start, let's put laziness aside and live with vitality.

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— Love, Angela ♡