Don't really know how to start this but I've wanted to write an article for a while now. So figured this would be the best way to start. Simply put, you just choose different words, depending on the category, for the individual letters of your name. It's super fun to do and I actually did it on my own before deciding to make it my first article, so highly recommend :). Disclaimer: I didn't come up with this I just saw a couple articles on it and found it to be such a cute idea that's all.

lana del rey, west coast, and music image concert, wonderful wonderful, and the killers image music, quotes, and grunge image music, quotes, and Lyrics image


  • American Teen Khalid
  • Reminder Weeknd
  • Ivy Frank Ocean
  • All I want Kodaline
alice in wonderland, mad, and quotes image film and movie image aladdin and disney image reign, adelaide kane, and Queen image

Books, Movies, or TV shows:

  • Alice in Wonderland (book)
  • Reign (tv show)
  • I Know What You Did Last Summer (movie)
  • Aladdin (movie)
winter, christmas, and snow image girl, art, and painting image book, milk and honey, and reading image acting, art, and Dream image


  • Acting
  • Reading poetry
  • Ice skating
  • Art (painting or drawing mostly)
light, city, and amsterdam image rome, italy, and fountain image ibiza, photo, and scene image abu dhabi, beauty, and city image

Places I'd Like to Visit:

  • Amsterdam
  • Rome
  • Ibiza
  • Abu Dhabi

This is pretty short I know but it took longer than I expected maybe I'll end up doing a part two at some point. But honestly I love this feature and there's so many different articles I wanna write. Just did this as a kind of intro into my life since WHI is becoming so much more interactive lately.

In case you wanna check out some of my collections or just message me (I literally have no life so I'm always down to talk):

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tumblr kinda girl