The choice of what to study is, in most cases, one of the hardest ones to make, that´s why for some it takes a lot of thinking and time. I get it. It´s not only about choosing a subject to learn, but also about forging your own destiny and deciding what you want your life to be like in the future.
However, as tough as it may sound, we often take this choice as a matter of life or death instead of a life lesson.
So, I asked some things to a therapist I know to see if he could somewhat help me decide between two things I wanted to study and he provided me with some vocational guidance and tips on how to make the right choice.
Since I´m currently facing this situation myself, I thought it might be a good idea to share my experience with those who want to read and, who knows? Maybe you´ll overcome this too.


Now this probably sounds obvious, but think about it. Do you really know yourself?
I know most of us might think we do since we have to live with ourselves, right? But this is the hardest thing to do because it implies taking into account all of the aspects of your personality and your personal history that could affect your final decision.
What are you already good at? What interests do you have? What would be your motivation? Is this what you want or what others want for you? Where would you like to picture yourself working someday? These are crucial questions you must ask yourself.
Remember this part requires honesty and for you to take responsibility for your decisions.

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Now this can be kind of crappy sometimes, since what we probably want to study can be out of our reach. I recognize not all of us have the possibility to attend a great college or to afford living in a city where public universities are available, so take your time to investigate what each school has to offer and try to find a way to make it work. Nowadays with distance learning it is far easier to keep up with universities, so make sure what you want to study is not available online before you change your mind about your choice.

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Now, by this I don´t mean you should do what other people want anyway. I mean, if you still have doubts you´ll probably find it helpful to ask people with the career you want to have for their experiences and their advice.
Keep in mind the fact that all of us are different and what might be a huge disadvantage for someone might be an advantage for others and the other way round. This is why I suggest asking for as many opinions as possible and compare them picturing yourself in these situations and how you think it would be like for you.
Something else you might find useful could be making a pros and cons list with every university subject.

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Well, that´s it. Hope you found it helpful and if you have any other question or you just want another point of view on your options send me a message and I´ll help.