Day 1 (30 day writing challenge)

Hello there! My name is Belén and is a pleasure to meet you, today I’ll begin this challenge which no one really invited me to do haha but I still wanted to do it. It was kinda hard thinking about what makes me happy, I mean, I have some but 10 are kinda too much haha.

1: Dancing ballet

Probably you’d think that it’s kinda impressive? Maybe because of my body shape but I really like doing it.
At that point that I decided to have it as a career, it’s a completely shame that my country doesn’t help but I’ll still loving it.
I wish I could just receive that class but I have to receive other ones because it’s a career haha, like I said.

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2: My ballet friends

If there’s people I really love are my ballet friends. They say people that dance together stay together and now I’m starting to noticing it haha. They’re the best persons I ever met, they teach me lot of things and i really appreciate them. At the moment we’re 5, but my ballet group is bigger, they’re my favorite ones without a doubt 💕

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3: Reading
My story about how I began to read is similar to other ones, nothing really special.
I didn’t like to read like nothing but when I was in 4th grade I read this book that changed my perception about books so I got obsessed with the saga I had a few family problems (hahaha) and well now they understand I like to read and I got relaxed about the theme, it’s part of growing up.

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4: Listening music

I guess everyone likes listening music, there are just a few groups that doesn’t really listen to music but well, what can we do?
I really enjoy listening music, it’s something that makes me really happy, at that point that when I try to know better a person one of my essential questions is asking about his/her music tastes so I can have an idea to what talk about.
Music is something that has changed everyone’s life.

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5: Talking with people

I like to talk with people even when at the beginning I seem kinda shy? Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.
I try to talk with everyone, I’m trying really hard, but we all know that there’s this kind of people that just don’t get with us and if we try they don’t match with us.
I like talking about everything but more about deep things at night or some time of the day when both of us are in the mood.
Of course it’s not always xd I like to get quit too.

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6: Being with family when everyone is happy

I like my family, more now that I understand too much things, they’re pretty cool and I really love them even if they’re very very crazy they’re still being my family.
I just don’t like to be with them when they’re fighting haha, I guess no one likes that.

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7: Watching videos at YouTube

What can I say about this? Haha I like watching videos. One thing I have to confess is that I really like watching this creepy videos about scary stories and so but I’m a person that gets scared super easyyyy, I like watching the experiences about people that lost weight and their stories, and watching like vlogs? Or tips, I’m not sure.

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8: TV shows and movies

I like watching all that stuff now in the present but I used to not do it that often, I’m glad that changed tho.
I wish I could have more time to do it but sadly I can’t have it so when I have the time again I’ll start.

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9: Seeing pictures

His may be a little bit obvious because of the app I’m using but I just making it sure.
I like seeing to pictures because there in the internet are so many cool things that I like to keep or take them to an inspiration, maybe that’s why I like too much we heart it.
I also like seeing old pictures about me and my friends, family or something because it’s like a way to keep a memory for ever that’s why I like taking pictures of my friends or videos so they can be funny and stay forever.

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10: Going to school

I left this one at the end because it might be the more impressive...
Let me tell you that I didn’t like to go to school, it was one of the things I didn’t enjoy but my mind changed and like I said before I understood things I used to not. I call it like a revelation.
I like going to school but I can see my friends and I collect more memories then, when everyone is worried to death about some test or homework are things that will leave and never come back in the same way. It’s funny being there, but not waking up so early xd

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Thanks for reading!

I hope this wasn’t boring enough for your life, but at least you know me now, so if you’re interested you can talk to me haha, I won’t get annoyed and I promise to not be boring for you.
Plus I hope I can do the challenge xd I like disappearing...

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