This is my second article and I've found this tag and I like it so I decided to try it.
My name is Valentina.

V - Viridian

alone, black, and boy image coconut, green, and tropical image

A - Amaranth

red, art, and aesthetic image red, car, and aesthetic image

L - Lavender

purple, soap, and lavender image purple, lilac, and theme image

E - Emerald

Image removed green, paint, and aesthetic image

N - Navy Blue

flowers, rose, and blue image aesthetic, alternative, and background image

T - Teal

grunge, smoke, and forget image summer, ocean, and beach image

I - Ivory

rose, flowers, and white image neon, light, and promise image

N - New York Pink

aesthetic, fashion, and food image city, pink, and sky image

A - Apricot

orange, sneakers, and vans image orange, aesthetic, and sunset image