I have been filled with joy;
I have known much pain .
Mama always said,
“Without pain, there's no gain.”

Mama does not know
All the choices I've made;
If she knew the truth,
Would her love for me fade?

Choices have consequences,
Which can be good or bad.
Bad ones brought much pain,
Mama would be so sad.

I would be so ashamed
For her to know the truth,
Of how this daughter she raised
Made decisions so uncouth.

Would her love be unconditional,
If she knew everything I've done?
Or would she turn her back on me,
Saying I can't forgive you, hon.

The thing is I know Mama;
She would be quick to forgive.
She'd pull me into her arms and say,
“Baby, let the past go and live!”

“Each day is a brand new day;
A chance for a brand new start.
No matter the choices you make,
I will love you with all my heart!”

© 2017 Suzanna Jayne Mullins