I sat in the crowded cafeteria, munching on a sad excuse for pizza- more like cardboard with sauce- and scanned the room. My earbuds were in in an attempt to drown out all the unnecessary yelling but it wasn't making much of a difference.

I heaved a dramatic sigh as i thought about my soft lilac comforter back at home. i was practically dragged out of bed this morning and I still felt like I could pass out any moment, despite the fact that it was noon- I'm not exactly a morning person.

Some guys a couple tables to the left of me were messing around and falling into fits of laughter every couple minutes. I turned up my Indie music a little louder.

As I blasted my eardrums out, I was hit upside the head with a half empty chocolate milk carton. I spun around, searching for the guilty face of my attacker.

I noticed the same guys from earlier bent over in laughing fits and glancing over at me. I did not appreciate being disturbed in my moments of solitude, so I did what any level headed and sleep deprived person would do- I threw some of my pizza at them.

My aim isn't the best, but my point was still well received.

From that moment on, the rest is kind of a blur. Some tall blonde kid from my English class stood up and caveman- yelled "FOOD FIGHT!"

Celery sticks and corn kernels were everywhere. People stood on tables and used their lunch trays as shields as if they were sword dueling- with milk cartons instead of swords. A little pathetic, not gonna lie.

I stood and observed my creation. I thought the cafeteria was loud before, this was that sound level on crack. I was being hit with mushy popcorn chicken pinto beans. The rest was history.

topic: a massive food fight

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