It's very easy to see the world in a negative point of view and to see all the bad in every situation. Honestly, this world has enough negativity to last it a lifetime. So let's stop increasing the negativeness and start inspiring positivity to grow back.

I recently made a promise to give more to my community than what I take from it. I realized that I am so lucky to be here with everything that I have. But people in our society are still complaining. What more could we possibly ask for? We have all our body parts intact. Some people around the world are living on the streets because they don't have an arm or leg. We have a roof over our heads that keep us warm on cold nights and protects us from the rain. We have parents or at least one parent who will sacrifice anything and everything to make sure we don't suffer. And yet, kids aren't satisfied with their lives. They cry for more toys that they already have, and beg for expensive shoes and phones that we really don't need to survive. I'm not saying I'm not innocent. There are plenty of situations where I've gone over the top to get what I want, but I've realized my mistakes. Think about it: Those $85 you spent on your Nike shoes could send a child in Bali to school for two months. The $500 you spent on the new iPhone that just came out could've helped thousands of families who have been hit by the recent catastrophic hurricanes. And the part that's really sad to think about is that we don't even need those pairs of Nike shoes or the latest phone to survive, but just to brag and show-off.

This article isn't to make you feel bad about yourself, but just to get you thinking about how selfish our society is. This 'channel' of articles is one of my ways of giving to the world. Hopefully I inspire someone who reads this to do the same.

And don't just think that donating money is the only way to help others in need. Most people who need help don't even show it. The smallest action can make the biggest difference. Compliment a stranger. Who knows? Maybe you just helped someone suffering from depression. Leave a legacy... a legacy of positivity.

I really hope my act of writing these articles inspires someone to make a change.

(positive attitude changes everything)