The feeling comes from within, impossible to describe.
An adhering, lingering emotion, that can not be taught, only found.
Flashbacks of your soulmate come in brief, sudden clips,
perhaps in another setting, perhaps from a long time ago, or, perhaps, from another lifetime.
Since the day you first met, you've been told you spent too much time together acting as if you've known each other for an eternity. It doesn't matter to you, nothing matters as long as you're together if you're romantically involved, or even just friends.

You can feel a shift, something isn't right.
It suddenly feels like the world is against you, tearing your relationship apart, the universe doesn't want you together anymore, you're too strong together.
Yet feel too weak apart.
Something draws you towards each other even more, like a magnetic force, unable to break you apart even when it feels like everything is ripping you to shreds. The bond is too strong, emotions too high and you're in too deep to throw this all away, to let it go to waste. The thought of leaving them pains you, it would cause an earthquake, an apocalypse, cause the earth to die.

It's us against the world.
Right from the start, it's intense, no rests, no breaks, no pause button to hit when it gets too much, but you can't get enough. Constantly staring into the galaxies in their eyes, the thousands of bright blue glittering stars. You can never get enough, you're hooked on this drug, too painful to be away from, yet so damaging to use.

Your soulmate is your guardian angel, protecting you, securing you, but they came at the wrong time, no time could be worse than now. Their timings all off, you can feel the universe screeching as you pull together unbalancing the face of the earth. You know this, and so do they. They can't take it anymore, they pull away, vanishing in your hands, slipping through your fingers, melting into the floor. They disappear from your life. As if you never met. You never hear or see from them again. The world keeps turning, life carries on, the cars rush past you with music blaring, children playing, mothers gossiping. But all you hear is silence, you're at a standstill wondering what happened, standing in the middle of your mind, staring down at the floor, tears rushing down your face.

You've lost a part of you that can never be replaced.

You've lost your soulmate.