Favourite house

slytherin aesthetic harry potter Superthumb harry potter gif
Slytherin -cunning, resourcefulness, and ambition , and some people thinks that they are evil, but that is not always truth!!!

Favourite lesson

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Potions and Defence against the dark arts

Favourite professor

alan rickman Superthumb Superthumb alan rickman always always
Severus Snape - After all this time - Always

Favourite Quidditch position

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Favourite magical creature

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Hippogriff , Dragon , and Thestral

Favourite patronus

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Fox - incredibly clever and charismatic, which helps him seduce and win over people. Wolf - have a strong sense of purpose, and will do what is necessary to achieve their goals.

Favorite people to hang out with

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Draco Malfoy , Harry Potter , Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger

Favorithe character

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Draco Malfoy , Severus Snape , Harry Potter , Sirius Black , Rubeus Hagrid and Hedwig

Least favourite character

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Umbridge , Lord Voldemort-Tom Marvolo Ridle , Belatrix Lestrange , Pansy Parkinson

Characters who have suffered the most

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Severus Snape-He had sacrificed his whole life for the love he had lost , Draco Malfoy - He had no choice but to behave like his father wanted to , Sirius Black - He spent twelve years in Azkaban for something he had never done! , Harry Potter -The one who had lived, but with the huge sacrifice!