*** part four of this lame masterpiece. maybe one day you'll actually read these simple words.***

You and my other met eye to eye.
Jealousy pierced my skin
as I saw you dancing with another.
I forced him to kiss me.
I forced him to hold me.
I forced him to be you,
and her could never do you justice.

He hated you. Hell, he still does.
He knew every horrible thing
you scratched into my skin.
He wanted to help
heal my wounds.
Even with his affection,
I still wanted you.

I told him you and I were through.
You did nothing but kiss
my chapped lips
and claim you didn't
when others asked.
You tried to hide
me from everyone,
but you failed.

You found love in another
and left me in tears.
I thought I meant more
to you.
But, I always assume too much.

I called you, but all the phone did was ring.
I wanted to die.
I wanted to slice my arm
until the flesh cling to
my bones.
I wanted you to cure me.
You were suppose to be the one
to save me.

Months passed, and you started to find
love in yet another.
This time, it was too close for me.
I could never make you as happy
as she does.
I hadn't made you smile like that
since I first saw you.
I think she's your everything.

(This picture is not mine. Thanks to whoever published it.)