Hello, sweethearts! How are you doin'?

Phew, man. I couldn't believe my eyes each time my cell screen lighted up because of my last article.

I'm very very happy you felt so enthusiastic about it!

In case you have no idea what article I'm talking about, I leave it to you here.

So, today we will be talking about... Learning to grow up

OK, doesn't sound so much exciting. But I think there are some things we need to learn before we're "old" (whatever "old" means to you).

Sooo here we go!

5 things to learn while growing old.

  • To be alone. According to some experts, mental health is just as important as physical health. Sometimes, being alone gives you the chance to get to know yourself better. To think, meditate and reflect about life. We need to know our own limits and powers. In my opinion, being alone is not that bad. But you cannot live that way forever. We have lo learn to love spending time alone as much as spending time with the right people.
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  • To let go. In your life, you will have to say goodbye to a lot of things - and people. It's natural to feel sad about that, but you cannot live with that feeling for too long. In fact, you can always get better and re-build yourself after a loss.
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  • Sports. Do not let the following clichés dictate you health: I'm a very busy person, I don't have time , I'm always at work/school/university , I don't have money . I did yoga for several years and, you know what? I spent no money on it as I practiced at home. I always had time because I could do it whenever I wanted. You do not have to wear those super expensive bras and leggings and for most part of the activities, you do not have to go to a particular place to practice.
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  • Save money. Or at least try to not have debts. I know it's very hard in some countries, where salaries are very low or the simple fact of going to university is not affordable for many families. So, the very important thing here is know how to spend the money. There are things that you will have to spend money on. But, let's face it, we all buy unnecessary things a couple of times.
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  • Keep your brain trained. Reading, listening to music, going to the movies, talking with people... Mental training is not just sudoku and memory games.
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So, this is all for today's post! I hope you liked it.

Do you think there are more things I could have added to the list? Let me know with a postal!

Lots of love,