when i feel sad, I love to listen to this kind of song.
I hope you will enjoy like I do and it will help you when you feel emotional

ocean eyes --- Billie Eilish

aesthetic, album, and billie image


Riverside ---Agnes Obel

owl and agnes obel image


Sleep on the floor --- The Lumineers

cleopatra, record, and the lumineers image


Skinny Love --- Birdy

birdy, music, and skinny love image


9 Crimes --- Damien Rice

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The Scientist --- Coldplay

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Breathe Me --- Sia

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A Thousand Years --- Christina Perri

christina perri and a thousand years image


Youth --- Daughter

monster, daughter, and youth image


I See Fire --- Ed Sheeran

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Photograph --- Ed Sheeran

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Postcards From Far Away --- Coldplay


I Can't Help Falling In Love With You --- Bely Basarte

falling in love, with you, and i can't help it image


And to finish, i suggest you two songs in French

Hors saison --- Francis Cabrel


Évangeline --- Marie-Jo Thério


I listen to this song like 15 times in a day... i know it's a little too much...

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Some people will say it's a song for girl...
Well, i agree but boys can like it two nobody judge!
The song tells the story of a girl named Evangeline looking for the boy she loves, Gabriel, after being separated during the deportation of the Acadians.
The voice of Marie-Jo Thério is angelic I don't know how to describe it more than that.

It takes me a while to makes this playlist because i wanted a special kind of song and it depends on everyone so i hope it will be the kind of songs you want.

Thank youuuu for reading my article!
see yaaa,