It didn't take long for the time traveler to come to me.

After I had found the sign in my yard, I wanted to escape. I hid in my room for the day, and the next left without a word. I walked to a nearby creek to just relax. I wish I could forget about everything. I was sitting in the dirt, watching the serene waters flow. I a crunching of leaves behind me, so naturally, I turned to see who or what it was. There was nothing. Then from my other side, I heard a tapping. I looked to see the time traveler sitting a few feet away from me, gently tapping a stick against the soft earth.

I tried to move to see his face, but each time it was as if his body would automatically turn so that I could not see him. He told me that day that I must be careful. I knew it was him, the "God", but his demeanor was quite different. The time traveler was nervous. He continued to tell me that I was going to experience some strange things and to wake up before it got to me.

I don't know where the time travelers confidence went, but I guess what the future brings will show me.

The time traveler followed me home. When I looked back at him this time, he did not turn away from me. He was still handsome but had a painful looking scar on his cheek. It was deep and bloody. He averted his gaze to the right, to hide his face.

I think he now knew that being the time traveler, and being easily able to manipulate elements of our world, did not make God.

Once I was home that evening, I lived like as usual. I did homework, played with my dog, ate my dinner, then headed to my room to relax before sleep.

During that time I would sleep around 12am-1am. By 3 am I was having a nightmare. I was in bed when I saw a thin black line escaping the vent above my head, at first I was still. When out of nowhere this line thickened and snapped towards me. I felt a severe stinging on my arm as I quickly jumped out of bed. Once up, I saw nothing there. I was terrified, basically panicking in my room alone at 3 am.

The noises I hear in the vents, are they in fact real?

Like usual, I did not wake up from this nightmare.