Hello World and welcome back to one more article by me.(Note To Myself: Athena,don't forget to find a new intro..this one is too creepy).Many times (basically every day) I ask you to send me your ideas for articles.And guess what.Today is the day! .. Today is the first time I am going to try writing an article you suggested me, so I hope you find it useful enough.

Like the tiltle says,today i'll try to give you some realistic tips on how you can start exercising.

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Small Steps

Personally,I do not have the best relationship with gymnastics.Honestly,our relationship is so bad that many times I forget her name! But even I know that trying to become a ''champion'' in one day .. it is not the best idea.
Take it easy and do not try to learn all the exercises that exist within a day.Take small steps and do not worry too much,because there is no reason to lose your calm.

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No Fear

There are many people who want to start exercising, but they are afraid too much. And when I say too much,I really mean it. They are afraid of the failure,the people who will meet in the gym because they think they will comment on them,the personal gymnasts and basically the gym.Guys,believe me,we can't succeed if we do not stop to fear for all these things.So please,try to fight your fears and realize your dreams.Furthermore,don't forget that you can practice at home or in nature.

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Health applications

I don't even know,if these applications called ''health apps'',but I am essentially referring to all those applications that offer you useful information on various forms of sports. You can also find some healthy,easy meals from them,and a few of them can measure the steps that you make all day,helping you with this way to understand how many calories you lose.

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Suitable Exercises

This one is very important.Before you start practicing,you need to know your capabilities,goals and your body. Furthermore,do not forget that we are not all good at the same thing.For example someone can be very good at walking,while someone else is amazing in the running. Concentrate on what you are good at and don't waste yout time with other unnecessary activities that tire you physically and mentally.

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Do It For Yourself

Last but not least,start exercing only if you want to. If you don't want to do this (even it's fun sometimes..) then don't do it.Many people start exercising just because they want to lose some weight,but the thing is that you shouldn't start exercising only for that. Gymnastics can actually calm you down.Gymnastics can help you create a healthier and beautiful life.Gymnastics can make you love yourself more, as you discover some of your hidden abilities. So,do not choose her,just to lose pounds. Choose her for you.

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