Hello everyone! I would like to write this article to introduce my account. I´m a dreamer who like fairytales and magic. I´m a girl who´ve been born in the wrong era, who dreams of the older days. I love art, nature, poetry and music.

Superthumb flowers forest beautiful

I know Weheartit is just an app, and an internet page. But for me, and so many more its so much more than that. We share our deepest thoughts, our inspirations, our hopes and dreams. We celebrate artists around the world who takes these images and creates art. Its a way of dreaming i think.

harry potter flowers dark angel

These are some of the images i heart. Images of the old, and magical. If you share the same hearts, or just think they look beautiful, i would be more than happy if you searched my page. 🌝

I also have another account which is a bit more mix of the modern and the old,

have wonderful day, thank you if you read this! <33