hi people, are y'all doing well?
today, i´m back with a few new songs from 2018 i really like.
i hope you enjoy a few and happy listening!

1. replay - kim dong ryul
2. baby don`t stop - nct u (taeyong and ten)
3. hope world - j-hope
5. one and only you (feat hyolyn) - got7
6. star - yang yoseop
7. falling for u - seventeen (joshua and jeonghan)
8. backspace (feat marvin) - motte
9. days without you - davichi
10. river flows in you (feat leeminyork) - saevom
11. let me go (feat. j.han)
12. good night (feat jukjae) - eden
13. face ( feat yoon hyun sang and kim e-z) - cracker

that's it for this week, don't forget to eat and sleep well! see you!

- j'