To be honest, I don’t know why I’m here,
If I just pretend not to see anything,
And if I pretend not to hear anything.
Haha… I don’t know why I even thought you’d reply back.
I’m a mess, dude.
I think,
I think I’m just scared.
I’m scared to step in and try to do something I know I can’t.
I make myself feel like an intruder, wherever I go.
Hey, man… I know I’m selfish and all…
I know I want affection and to be cared for…
But I guess… I guess I get really jealous?
Are you still on…? I honestly don’t want to be heard.
I want to be listened to.
Hello hello?
Look, I don’t even know anymore…
I tell people not to listen to others when they try to bring you down, even though I do that.
I tell people not to think about what could go wrong or else they’ll never find peace, even though I do that.
I tell people not to worry about their future, even though I do that.
I tell people to be strong, even though I, myself, am weak…
I’m weak.
That’s all there is to it.
I’ve always wanted to be known as someone who could’ve been there for you.
I’ve always wished I could’ve been there for you more.
But I feel like a failed friend, that’s the end to it.
...Hey, you still there..?

Alright, I’ll go lay down then.
I tell myself that we’re not given a good or bad life;
That we’re simply given a life,
And It’s up to us,
Whether to make it good or bad.

I believe I chose the wrong path.
(this is not mines if you want to see the original here is the original: