March 4, 2018

*reminder; I use different names for people, so anonymous.

Its weird. When I'm with my friends, all I want to talk about is; books. About the books I've read, how much I cried when I read them, how I got chills hen I read them, and fan girling about it. But my friends don't talk about that sort of stuff. Except my friend Avery. She likes books like I do. (Especially Rick Riordan) We talk about how great Percy Jackson and the Olympians are, and how Heroes of Olympus was so brilliantly written. Yes, I sound like a complete nerd, but I don't really care. I love talking and hanging out with Avery, because she is weird like me and loves books, and jokes about herself,nor references books all the time. We always have the greatest time, laughing our asses off about the weirdest things. Once, we made an entire video on books puns. BOOK PUNS. Greatest day ever. The sad part is, she's going to a different junior high. (only two out of four years she'll be gone but STILL)
It's going to suck. Not to be rude, but I don't think any of my other friends are really into things I'm into, like Wes Anderson, film, books, etc. And it's completely okay because we are all different people enjoy who enjoy different things, I just hope I meet someone in high school that is as much of a nerd as I am.
Also, on a side note, Rick Riordan has completely changed my life. In fifth grade I was going through a really tough time with moving, divorce, and bullying. Then, I picked up the first Percy Jackson book, and my whole world changed. The books gave me s sense of comfort, a bigger imagination, and I felt better about myself. In seventh grade, I started Heroes of Olympus, AND THAT, made me such a better person. I loved the characters and their senses of humor, and their backstories and their intentions with the world. It inspired me to do what I love; writing and filming. And now, I'm currently reading Trials of Apollo, and Magnus Chase. Rick Riordan, has changed my life, and I'm so happy he did.
Okay there you go, another word vomit blog!