So I've been reading alot lately and I read some good books so I wanted to make a list of good books. I hope you find some new books, enjoy ^^

-Looking for Alaska
What I love the most about this book is that its full of lessons. Its a book full of the truth. Some things really hitted me, things Alaska says herself. Please read this book, its probably the best book i will ever read. Thank you John Green for making this gem.

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- Milk and honey
People think this is like a really overrated book, but I use it for inspiration for my poetry and drawings. I've readed this book 3 times and I really love it, its deep. Its deep how Rupi writes and I love that about it. Read this if you have a hard time with understanding your body or just yourself. Its beautiful written :)

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-Eleanor and Park
I love this book because it almost feels like you feel their love without even being in love. ( I wasnt in love at the time, now I am so I can relate more than before), This book motivated me to start reading more again, I love Eleanor and Park, hate her stepdad, he's a real asshole. Worth reading just because its about being young and in love.

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So I know these are just three books, but I'll write more soon :)
I hope you guys love these books as much as I do and tell me what you think about it! ^^
Have a beautiful day!
Xoxo Liv