Instagram is an art form. The prettiest Instagram feeds all have one thing in common, filters. a filter can take an average picture into something artsy that could get hundreds of likes. Here are 7 VSCO filters that can turn your feed into a masterpiece.

vsco, filter, and feed image

This filter is perfect for colorful pictures that have dark elements to it. Works well on pictures that have been taken in natural lighting.

theme, tumblr, and vsco image

This is a cute girly filter that would give your feed a pinkish overview so obviously, all the photos must have light pastels in them.

instagram, vsco, and feed image

I personally love this filter since it works really well with tan skin tones and greens.

filter, vsco, and instagram image

A basic filter that works magic on high-quality lots of light pictures. Gives a clean look to everything.

filter, vsco, and instagram image

This works really well on pictures that have grey and white in them.

filter, instagram, and vsco image

This is Instagram star Jay Alvarrez's filter. As you can see it really makes bright colors pop and is perfect for tropical themes.

filter, edit, and instagram image

This filter is so hipster and gives pictures a 70's vibe. Works super well on yellows, oranges, and reds. Also makes golden hour pictures super cute.

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