Hi everyone, and happy Sunday! In this article, I thought it would be neat if I explained what I do during the week (kind of like a morning routine, except for a whole day). So, without further do, let's start!

4:15 A.M.- This is the time in which I wake up at 5 days a week (just during the school year) to get my day started.
I first get up, turn off my annoying alarm, and then I go to my bathroom to get my makeup and hair brush and hair spray. I head back to my room around 5-10 minutes later and choose my outfit. After that, around 4:45, I am finished with my makeup, and I put my earrings in and other jewelry on (also some perfume).

5:00 A.M.- I am usually downstairs around this time, but sometimes earlier depending on how quickly I get things done before that. I first put my shoes in the closet downstairs (I keep them in my closet in my room and take them downstairs each morning) and move my heavy backpack into the living room near where I sit. After this, I eat my breakfast. I don't always eat the same thing in the morning, but if I do, it's most likely that I'm eating cereal.

5:20 A.M.- Now I'm usually done eating (I take my time, lol), and I now have my coffee. I drink homemade lattes in the morning, and of course I never drink the same flavor all the time depending on what I have available to use.

5:35 A.M.- Once I have finished my delicious coffee, I go brush my teeth. Yeah, not too much to explain here, lol.

5:50 A.M.- Now that I have finished most of my morning routine necessities, I can relax. I purposely wake up at 4:15 so that I can have some time to listen to some music. I don't remember if I already said this before, but I have heard that listening to music (especially in the morning) outs you in a better mood. I certainly believe it does, so that's why I do it. Personally, it also gets the stress out of me for what kind of day I may have.

6:20 A.M.- My relaxation time has now ended, and I go get ready to leave my house to go to school. First, I pack my lunch which I don't even consider a lunch since I don't put much in there. Then, I do what other everyday-people do before I leave. I also forgot that I put my phone on silent before I leave since we shouldn't have our sound on at school.

6:35 A.M.- Now I leave my house to wait for my bus to come a few minutes later (at 6:40). I am fortunate enough to have my bus stop right in front of my house so that I don't have to walk far.

That's it, guys! I will be sure to post a part 2 to this next Sunday (or whenever) to explain my afternoon and evening after I get home from school! I hope you liked this, and have an amazing rest of your day!

~ _StarDust_Vibes