Might sound super dramatic but I start losing track of time, thoughts fly around my mind and I can't think straight.

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I've been writing (and I know, this is a cheesy answer) since the first time I had a pen in my hand.
I swear our house still has some weird stuff written on walls and doors from when I was in elementary school.
When I got my first Laptop it was pretty much over.
I wrote whenever I could, wherever I could.
Stories, Diaries, Lists, Plans.
When I was sad or really happy, I would write little sentences on my wall, my door or my closet. And even though my parents hate my doodles that can be found everywhere. I love looking back when I see them. I wrote 'i am fucked' inside of my closed (when I was hiding in it from my parents) when I broke the TV as a kid, I wrote 'you will make it' when I took my exams in high school. Nothing really poetic about them, but the fact that at these moments I felt the urge to eternalize whatever I was thinking and the fact that I can look at these words and have a backstory to tell, is what makes it so meaningful.

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Without writing I feel like I lose track of time. Because of all my Diaries and notebooks, I'm able to look back on thoughts I had when I was younger, plans I had for the future, people that were in my life. It makes me feel like I accomplished something and it makes me feel like I am becoming an overall better person.

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I actually remember a time where I wasn't writing. I felt weird. Like something important was missing. Like I forgot something really important. I had all these thoughts and emotions that could not escape my head. It was crazy it actually made me feel really dizzy.
I love writing and the worst thing one could do is take the pen out of my hand or my *insert electronic device of choice here*.

Thank you for reading.

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